Mar 3 2023
by Dana Wayne

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Hi there! I bet you thought I'd left the country, huh? I have been inactive for several months due to recurring back issues, but, hopefully, those days are over...finally! While I have been unable to do much here, I have been able to filter through my TBR list of books and man, did I find some goodies hidden in there!

We all have our go-to authors, those big names that we grew up with and are loyal repeat buyers. But there are thousands of indie authors just waiting to be discovered by you! Take a moment to check out some of the ones below. Like most writers I know, I am an avid reader. My interest runs the gamut from romance, to fantasy to who-dun-it to cozy mystery. I will read anything as long as the story and writing hold my interest. I've listed some of my favorites below along with the authors Amazon link. Hope you check them out!

Patty Wiseman is a multi-award winning author of several books across different genres. She writes clean romance, cozy mystery and historical fiction.  Her Velvet Shoe Collection is a set of five books set in the 1920's Detroit that I loved. She just released a new fantasy romance entitled,The Lost Opal, and involves time travel, an evil mermaid who wants to remain human and a crotchety 200 year old sea captain. Rose, the evil mermaid wants to remain human but the only way she can do that, is to find the love of one man. Until then, she must steal souls of unsuspecting women. A quick read that you will thoroughly enjoy. Check it out here:   Patty Wiseman Author Page

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Micheal Scott Clifton is another favorite of mine and multi-award-winning author. He work is chock full of fantasy, adventure, magic and romance. He has a couple of YA books that are fantastic, Edison Jones and the Fantastic Anti-Grav Elevator and The Treasure Hunt Club are terrific. The Conquest of the Veil Series are more 18 and up I think. I loved The Janus Witch, and it got pretty intense in places. Check Mike's work out on his Amazon page: Mike Clifton Amazon Author Page

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If you like cozy mystery's with a lovable lead, you have got to check out Linda Pirtle's Games We Play Series. Lillian Prestidge and her lovable poodle, Eli, is a hoot and the stories well-written with an I-didn't-see-that-coming vibe. Check her out here: Linda Pirtle Author Page

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A fantastic YA author is Phyllis Still. Her Dangerous Loyalties series is a fictionalized account of one of her ancestors during the American Revolution. The details are spot on and she has gotten several awards for it. A must read for young folks or anyone with a love of history. Check out Phyllis here. Phyllis A Still Author Page

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 I will pretty much read anything written by Toni Anderson and Kat Martin. Both prolific and mega talented mainstream authors. They write fantastic romantic suspense and will keep you reading way past your bedtime! I just finished Cold Deceit, from the Cold Justice Series, and The Last Goodnight by Kat Martin. Love 'em!

Toni Martin Author Page       Kat Martin Author Page

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If you're in the mood for a good old-fashioned romance, check out this older work by one of my favorite main-stream authors, Linda Howard. Duncan's Bride is a modern day mail order bride story with a twist. I have read pretty much anything written by her and my favs are Duncan's Bride, Mr. Perfect and MacKenzies Mountain. These are all older titles but well worth the read. She writes tense romantic suspense,too and if you're in to that genre, just pick one up! . Check them out here.

 Linda Howard Author Page      

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Regardless of what book you read, I encourage you to post reviews on your favorite spot. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but to those of who struggle long and hard over each word, it means the world. Doesn't have to be a dissertation, either. A few words, like 'I enjoyed this book' and a rating, that's all it takes.  Believe me when I tell you those few words are worth their weight gold. More than once, when I was to the point I wondered if it was even worth it, I would get an email or a review that said someone enjoyed my work, and just like that, I was reinvigorated. So, to those who read and review, thank you. If you are new to reviews, jump in!