Cooking with Family and Friends

Cooking with Family & Friends by Dana Wayne


Dana Wayne introduces her new cookbook by describing the first time she made biscuits:

"They were so hard you could have roofed the house with them! But Daddy, God bless him, tried to eat one anyway and nearly chipped a tooth." 

But Dana did learn to make those biscuits, and so much more! She learned from her Mama and by watching her Maw Maw while spending summers on a farm with her maternal grandparents. They had no electricity or running water, and Maw Maw cooked on a wood stove. Dana says, "We drank milk fresh from a cow we milked ourselves, and ate butter we churned by shaking a gallon jug until it was just right. There was no taste on earth to match Maw Maw's buttermilk biscuits slathered in that butter with fresh blackberry jam she made herself. I can still taste it in my mind." 

Dana learned to love cooking and became—as she calls it—as "recipe junkie." In this new expanded edition, she shares 240 of her favorites. Many are her own creations. Others come from family and friends, like Greg's Turtle Cheesecake, Mama's Marble Pound Cake, Miss Ouida's Chicken Fried Steak, and her grandmother's Onion Potatoes and Tea Cakes.  These recipes and others from around the country and right here in East Texas are sure to become your new favorites too!

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Cooking with Family and Friends

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Mama's Banana Pudding and Sock It To Me Cake
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