Chasing Hope

Chasing Hope by Dana Wayne

Max Logan longs for the joys of home and family he missed growing up in foster care. He fills that emotional void by becoming a kick-ass Marine, and for eighteen years, led his band of brothers from one hell-hole to another. Until the one that nearly destroyed him.
Sixteen months of therapy and rehab put his body back together, but some wounds can’t be seen. Some can’t be healed.

Skylar Ward dreams of a life that includes someone beside her. Someone to share her life and be a father to her young daughter. But if she learned anything from her failed marriage it was that you don’t rush into a relationship. Only Max Logan sparks her interest. But the handsome, brooding war hero remains aloof.

Seven-year-old Maddie Ward overhears a neighbor tell her mom she needs a male companion and immediately decides Max will do just fine. He needs a family. They need him. She just has to figure out how to make that happen.
Can a precocious child be the catalyst that heals and brings them all together or will ashes of the past bury hope forever?

What Readers Are Saying

"Excellent writing, fantastic story, involving characters. I enjoyed Chasing Hope so much, I'm giving it five hope-filled stars."

"This was a feel-good romance at its finest."

"Dana Wayne knows how to draw out a plot that is predictable in all the right places yet still offers twists that surprise, delight, and keep the story moving along at a brisk pace."

"A great, uplifting read."

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