Oct 7 2019
by Dana Wayne

Mama's first paintingMama's first painting. She did good!

Mama'sCreationsSomeone asked me the other day where I got the idea for these tabletop Christmas trees I make.  Well, the idea actually came from my mother who was a very talented artist, though she did not discover that until later in life.  The picture on the left shows the first thing she ever painted.  Pop cut out the board for her and she used a photo to draw some of it free-hand, and some she traced, then painted. She did several religious pictures using that technique and donated them to a couple of churches. She was so humbled when the priest presented her with roses for the beautiful picture she donated to them. 

One day, saw something that gave her the idea for the trees.  After some brainstorming, and trial and error, she came up with a design she liked. Pop cut out the bases for her, and she did the rest. The majority of the ones she made were with nativity scenes but she also did some special order themed ones which everyone loved.  Most she donated to her annual church Christmas Bazaar or to shut ins. They soon became so popular, she had to make them year round to have enough. While the religious ones were her favorites, she liked experimenting with different scenes. 

When her eyesight began to fail, I helped her make them. I enjoyed it so much, I kept it up after her death. As was the case with the ones she made, each tree is unique and one-of-kind. I make them with the traditional nativity scenes or special themed ones. Like my writing, I get an idea and start. I never know where I'll end up when it's done. My husband cuts out the bases and adds the center posts and off I go. I also make centerpieces, wall hangings, wreaths, etc. In fact, I make all the decorations I use at home. While Christmas is my favorite subject, I also do things for rest of the year.  

Christmas trees

My husband says I'm not allowed to go to Hobby Lobby alone, especially this time of year, because I see all this stuff and go "Ooooo I can make something with that!" I have a little room just off his shop with tubs of "I'm going to make something with" stuff that I am constantly adding to. It's very relaxing to sit there and play with pieces, finding the perfect tinsel, deciding if I need multi-colored lights or clear, what kind of topper will look the best, and so forth. 

I can't help it. I just love creating things. It doesn't matter is its cooking, writing or crafting. Give me an idea, a glue gun or pot, some odds and ends and I'll make something out it.