Sep 11 2019
by Dana Wayne

Sherry Larkin, Children's AuthorIt's time to introduce you to another new author you may not know about. Sherry Collier Larkin loves to write and inspire with words. A Christian radio writer and on-air host, Sherry has been impacting lives for years. Her new book series called I Have a Dream Team features her own pug "Gracie" as the coach of a struggling middle school softball team. How cool is that!  So, let's get started! Sherry, welcome - got a few questions for you.   

How has Texas influenced your writing?
Texas is made up of some great cities! That’s why I choose nine of them for my books. The Louisville Slothers Softball Team of middle school kids are all from different well-known cities in Texas. Readers will especially love learning about the kids who may be from their own hometown and all their unique personalities.

Why did you choose to write children’s books?
Middle school is such a challenging time for kids. I wanted to write children’s books to encourage them now and help them build a healthy self-esteem and foundation before entering their teenage years when social and peer pressures are so high. This series targets kids between the ages of 4 and 13. 

What cultural value do your books have? 
The I Have a Dream Team book series addresses the culture we live in and all the things that come with being a kid and growing up in today’s world. The softball team is comprised of typical kids who want to fit in and are trying to adjust to life as preteens. 

This inspirational series addresses health-related issues prevalent today like obesity, asthma, allergies, and ADHD to social issues like bullying. 

Most of the kids on the team don’t want to play. They need help and they’ll get it from Coach Gracie, a little but mighty pug dog. She will encourage and teach this struggling group about unconditional love and teamwork. Something we all need. 

How did you decide on the characters in your book series?
The Louisville Slothers Roster has every kind of character that kids this age can relate to. There’s a bully on the team, a painfully shy girl, kids with health challenges like obesity, asthma, and allergies, and a kid who just needs to get out of the house more instead of playing video games all day. The star of the series and coach of the team, Coach Gracie, was my pug. There’s so much to learn from man’s best friend. I chose characters that every person can relate to and I chose a little dog to coach and teach about unconditional love.

Which character from THIS book is most like you?
Coach Gracie’s story is my story. Like Gracie, I used to not believe in myself. I was gifted at praising and helping others, but I didn’t know how to show myself the same love and care. Coach Gracie is going to help these kids find their confidence while she builds up her own. 

What do your plans for future projects include?
9 Lives, Book 1 in the I Have A Dream book series9 Lives is the first book in a series of seven in the I Have a Dream Team book series. It was released in April and is now available on my website  as well as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, and select bookstores across the U.S. 

The second book is in production as we speak. The title of book two is There’s No Crying in Softball. Its release date is early 2020, but I’m hoping to have hard copies to sell this Christmas. 

Do you have a mantra for life?
Yes, words have significant POWER! They can GIVE life, or they can TAKE a life. Our words need to be chosen ever so carefully. They’re so valuable, yet they’re free to give! The words that I live by are to “Say it Forward!” Speak life wherever you go!

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 "Sherry Collier Larkin is a powerful beautiful voice. Follow her and learn." — Tammy Kling, CEO, OnFire Books

"Sherry’s immense sense of purpose and a pedagogy for self esteem  radiates through her characters that children will love and appreciate. This series is a home run for our children in today’s society!" — Susan Reeves Elzner, M. Ed., Faculty Member, Tarrant County College

"My hope is that every reader will begin to see themselves and others the way Christ sees you, to learn to love like He loves, and speak life everywhere you go!"  - Sherry Collier Larkin

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