Aug 3 2020
by Dana Wayne


As an author and avid reader, I greatly admire good writing and for some time have planned to add occasional reviews to my blog and decided to start with this one for Silver's Redemption, by my good friend, Patty Wiseman. 

"A continuous argument played in her head. I'm still useful. I have more to give."

Georgiana "Silver" Fellowes is a fifty-six year old PR executive on the East Coast living her dream life. She has it all; a great job, good friends and a fashionable penthouse apartment. Until disaster strikes. She is unexpectedly fired and replaced by a twenty-something bombshell because her boss feels the company needs a more youthful representation. Confidence shattered, she flees to West Texas and the remote cabin bequeathed by her father. She spends her days roaming the barren desert in search of the lost silver mine that came with the property - if she can find it. Located near the small town of Diamond Gulch, her retreat provides her the time, space and solitude to regroup with her only companion, a donkey named Joey. When the solitude gets to be too much, they make the long trek to Diamond Gulch and it's quirky inhabitants. Rosalee, Smokes, Big Ben and Shiner add delightful flavor to a richly woven story of one woman's road to healing with a little help from her friends. 

But beneath the serene, small town facade, secrets abound - and those secrets can be deadly. Why is everyone afraid of Sheriff Foley? Why do they all hurry to do his biding? In Silver's search for answers, she forms an unlikely alliance with handyman, Ash Ericcson, a handsome, younger man. As they work together to solve the mystery, their attraction grows. Afraid to trust her emotions, Silver tries to deny them, but Ash won't let her. 

The lights dimmed, one by one, until she and Ash stood in the dark. "I should go," Ash said. She barely whispered her answer. "Yes," and then added, "No."

I loved watching this story unfold, loved watching Silver rediscover she had more to give...and more to receive. And her relationship with Ash proves that the capacity to love and be loved doesn't have an age limit. 

This is a wonderful feel-good mystery-romance, with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing until the end. It is a clean read with no graphic sex or violence.

"The voice of hope drifted through her mind. A new beginning has no age limit."

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